March-April Reading Wrap Up

Hello readers! Since I’ve been away from blogging for the past four months, in today’s post I decided I would tell you what I read the first two months I was away. I didn’t read a ton because I was busy wrapping up the school year, but I did read some pretty awesome books… I can’t wait to tell you all what I thought of them!

March 2016:
1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (5/5 stars)
I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK GUYS! I read it on a snow day in one sitting and absolutely fell in love with Simon, Blue, and all of Simon’s friends. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is about a high school boy named Simon (who’s “not-so-openly gay”) getting blackmailed after one of his emails to his online lover, Blue, gets into the hands of a boy in the popular crowd. This is for sure one of my favorite books of the year and one of my favorite contemporaries I’ve ever read… You have to read it!

2. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys (5/5 stars)
Salt to the Sea was read in one sitting on the same snow day (best reading day ever? I think so) and all the hopes and expectations I had going into it were certainly fulfilled. This World War II novel about the greatest maritime disaster of all time had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The characters were well developed and the history behind the story is absolutely fascinating. Plus there was a tie-in with Ruta’s other novel, Between Shades of Gray! If you’re a historical fiction fan, this is be the book for you.

3. The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry (3/5 stars)
Out of all the books I’ve read since I’ve been gone, this is the most forgettable one for me. The Love that Split the World is a magical realism novel, following a girl named Natalie who is told by an apparition that she “must save him.” Natalie must figure out who this mysterious boy is and what he needs saving from before time runs out. There’s a cute romance, but overall this book fell flat for me and I would only recommend it if you’re a huge magical realism fan.

4. After You by Jojo Moyes (4/5 stars)
After You is the sequel to the widely loved Me Before You and follows Louisa and her journey after meeting quadriplegic Will Traynor. Since it is a sequel and I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t read the first book, I’m going to keep this mini review super short and sweet… I really liked it! Louisa Clark is one of my favorite protagonists because of her adorable little quirks and I’d basically read anything about her. If you’ve read Me Before You, consider giving After You a chance.

April 2016
1. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler (3.5/5 stars)
After reading After You I felt I needed something lighter (like a young adult romance) so I picked up The Summer of Chasing Mermaids. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is about Elyse, who used to be an incredible singer but is now mute after a terrible accident, staying with her aunt and cousin for a summer in Atargis Cove. Here she meets Christian, the dreamy, popular boy of Atargis Cove, and they have an instant connection. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is all about conquering your fears and getting out of your comfort zone. It was a cute read, but nothing too special.

2. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski (4/5 stars)
I finally read The Winner’s Curse!!! And I totally understand why everyone loves this series so much. This fantastical book had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I loved how the main character Kestrel wasn’t necessarily physically strong, but instead was extremely strong mentally. Falling in love with your slave is definitely an issue, but Kestrel handles everything with a kick butt attitude and will defend those she loves to the death… literally!

So those are the six books I read in March and April! I read some great books and some mediocre books, but overall I think I had a couple pretty good reading months. In my next post I’ll share with you what I read in May and June… one of the books in June is my favorite of the whole year! Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think of them?

Stay Book Smart,

The 5th Wave: Review

Aliens have never been my thing… Alien books, movies, and shows just don’t appeal to me, so you could say I was pretty nervous to pick up The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. To be honest, the sole reason I picked it up after sitting on my bookshelf for years, is that the movie is coming out next week and I’m a diehard read the book before watching the movie kind of girl. Spoiler alert: I LOVED it.Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.02.26 PM

Cassie Sullivan had an average life: she had great family and friends and her greatest worry was that Ben Parrish would never notice her. But that was before there was a UFO hovering over Earth. Before anyone knew what was coming. Before four waves of panic struck. The 1st wave hits: all power goes out. The 2nd wave attacks: widespread natural disasters destroy the earth. The 3rd wave strikes: a disease cuts the population in half. The 4th wave hits: the last of the surviving are slaughtered by beings that seem human. Cassie was one of the “lucky” who survived all four waves by the alien invaders she calls the Others. With nothing and no one but her little brother’s teddy bear he gave to her before he was taken and her trusty M-16, Cassie has to use extreme survival skills to make it day by day. Then she meets Evan Walker, a supposed farm boy who takes Cassie in and helps her on her mission to find her brother. But with the Others always looming overhead and all the while looking human, can Cassie truly trust Evan? And when will the 5th wave strike and what will it entail?

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Top 10 Books of 2015

It’s the best time of year! The time when book bloggers everywhere talk about their favorite books they read this year. I decided to choose my ten favorite books I read this year out of the 108 I read total. It was so hard to narrow this list down, so hard in fact that I have several honorable mentions! I will be counting down from my tenth favorite to my first favorite, enjoy!

10. Rebel Belle by Rachel HawkinsScreen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.20.33 PM
If you’re looking to delve into fantasy for the first time, this is your book. It’s about a high school girl who discovers she’s a Paladin, meaning her she has to dedicate her life to protecting one person, and this person turns out to be her worst enemy. Rebel Belle is everything I hoped it would be: cute, funny, and action-packed. It stuck with me all year-long with its unique storyline, therefore gaining its number 10 spot. Check out my review here for more in-depth thoughts.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Review

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.24.48 PMPercy Jackson is your ordinary twelve-year-old boy. Well… maybe not so ordinary: Percy has attended six schools (all of which he was kicked out of), is always finding trouble, and sometimes has to attack strange mythical creatures. His life is flipped upside down when he learns he is a demi-god. Percy soon heads off to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp filled with other children of gods and mortals. Here, Percy wastes no time finding trouble: he’s attacked by a Minotaur, provokes Clarisse, daughter of Ares (the war god), and finds out he’s the son of Poseidon. In the Olympian world, there is a war brewing; Zeus’s lightning bolt was stolen and his brother Poseidon is his main suspect. Percy takes it upon himself to save his father from Zeus’s wrath and pursue the missing lightning bolt. Percy soon learns that not everything is as it seems for his mission, there’s something mysterious going on with the Olympians, and war may be inevitable.

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is one of the most popular middle-grade series. I read the first two or three when I was Percy’s age, but never finished the series. Five years later, I decided it was time to submerge myself into the world of Olympians again and pick up this series. As a seventeen year old, I may seem too old to enjoy a fantastical story about a twelve-year-old boy, but you would be surprised by the amount of adoration I have towards this story. Read more

What I Read in 2015

It is the end of another fantastic reading year! I read 108 books this year, all of which are listed below with their star rating. The pictures on the side indicate some of my favorite books I read this year, though a full post on that topic is to come! I hope you enjoy looking through my list; we may have some favorite books in common. Rereads have asterisks next to the ratings.

January:Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.11.50 PM

  1. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (3.5/5)
  2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (5/5)
  3. Let it Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle, & Maureen Johnson (5/5)
  4. The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle (3.5/5)
  5. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (4/5)
  6. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour (5/5)
  7. Crash by Nicole Williams (1/5)
  8. This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith (4/5)

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Bookmas Day 9: My True Love Gave to Me Review

Reading an anthology of twelve holiday romances is the best way to begin Christmas break. My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins will make you smile, laugh, and swoon whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or New Years. Here are my thoughts on each individual story!Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 5.53.52 PM

  1. Midnights by Rainbow Rowell (4.5/5 stars): Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite authors so I knew I would love her story. She definitely didn’t let me down with Midnights being full of her usual fluff and comedy. So adorable.
  2. The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link (2/5 stars): Sadly, I was not a fan of The Lady and the Fox and I found it confusing and strange. This was my least favorite story in the whole book… not my cup of tea!
  3. Angels in the Snow by Matt de la Peña (4/5 stars): This story was SO CUTE! Matt de la Peña’s writing was addicting and fast. After reading this adorable short story, I need to check out his other work! Read more


Shopping for readers can be hard… mostly because it can be quite risky to buy a reader a book, because they might own it or have read it already. So for today’s Bookmas post, I decided to give you all some gift ideas for the readers in your life!

For the avid reader AND coffee lover you can never go wrong with a cute reading inspired mug. The Etsy store JcDezigns has loads of cute, inexpensive, bookish mugs! Now your friend can sip their coffee in an adorable reading mug while devouring a great book. This mug is my personal favorite, buy it here!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.10.37 PM Read more

12 Days of Bookmas Day 1: Tis The Season Book Tag

It’s almost Christmas! Which means for the next 12 days I will be doing the 12 Days of Bookmas with new Christmas/winter themed post each day until Christmas. For the first post, I will be doing the Tis the Season Book Tag because who doesn’t love a good book tag?

  1. Do you have a favorite winter read?
    Harry Potter is definitely my favorite winter read (surprise, surprise), because of the beautiful Hogwarts scenery and the amazing winter scenes. Imagine being in Hogsmeade drinking a hot butterbeer on Christmas Eve… *sighs.* Other than Harry Potter, my second favorite winter read is Let it Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson because it’s Christmassy, cute, and funny.
  2. Find a book with blue on the cover!Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 5.53.52 PM
    My True Love Gave to Me, edited by Stephanie Perkins, not only has blue on the cover, but also the most adorable Christmas design ever. I have a weakness for cute covers and this UK paperback does not disappoint! Read more

Top 5 Books I Want to Read Before 2016: TOP 5 THURSDAY

Top 5 Thursday is a new series of posts I will be starting on my blog. Every Thursday I’ll have a list of five bookish related things to share with you all! I hope you enjoy this series and feel free to join if you would like. 🙂

This Thursday’s topic is Top 5 Books I Want to Read Before 2016. Believe it or not, this year is coming to an end meaning we all have to rush to finish up the books we wanted to read at the beginning of 2015! Here is my list:Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.07.41 PM

  1. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare: I always hear about how amazing The Mortal Instruments series is, but I have never even thought about reading it (I know, I know, you’re all gasping in shock). But I am a book blogger/reviewer so I feel I absolutely need to read this series so I can finally join in on the discussion! This series is also becoming a TV show called The Shadowhunters in early 2016 so I need to read at least the first book before then! Read more

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

The reader’s worst nightmare… a reading slump. If you’re new to the book community, a reading slump Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.47.28 AMoccurs when you have absolutely no motivation to read. The length of reading slumps can vary from a few days, to a couple weeks, or in the worst case, months. Unfortunately in September I got into a deep, dark reading slump, but because of that experience I have a whole bunch of tips to share with you about how to get out of them!

If you feel a reading slump approaching, stop reading your current book:

Many times, reading slumps are caused by reading books that you aren’t enjoying, so don’t force yourself to get through it. Put the book down and maybe you’ll enjoy it more if you pick it up in a couple weeks when you’re back to your normal reading routine. For me, the book that I was reading when my latest reading slump started was Uprooted by Naomi Novik which I was super excited to read. Unfortunately I wasn’t enjoying it at all and only got 30 pages in before I started feeling super unmotivated. Instead of forcing myself to finish, I put it down in hopes that I’ll enjoy it more in the future. Read more

Update: October 2015

Fellow readers, long time no blog!

I haven’t posted for a month and a half *gasps* because of several reasons. First, school started. And it’s not a normal school year for me, this is my senior year of high school meaning there is SO much going on. AP classes with a bunch of work, while keeping up with tennis, and also reading of course! Second, college applications. I have been writing tons of essays and making sure my applications are perfect, which is very time consuming. Luckily, I’m coming to the end of the college application process and will be all done before I know it. So far I have been accepted into Michigan State University which I’m super excited about! Lastly, and the most tragic, I got into a deep reading slump. Reading slumps are the absolute WORST, but fortunately I got out of mine a few weeks ago with a few tips and tricks I will be posting very soon!

Usually I post tips to you guys, but this time I’m going to ask for some of your advice. How do you handle reading when you’re busy? Do you keep it a main priority? Also, as you can tell, I’ve been struggling with keeping my blog up this past month, any tips to keep myself motivated?

I’m planning to start blogging weekly again, or maybe more! I’ve missed the book blogging community loads and I’m so glad to be back. Thank you for reading!

Happy reading,



Everything, Everything REVIEW

Fall… the season of changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and new book releases. One of the biggest releases of the season is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. When I heard about this book in May, I pre-ordered straight away so I could read it the day it came out! And so I did…

Have you ever heard of severe combined immunodeficiency? SCID? Bubble boy disease? Well, if you didn’t Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.52.32 PMknow, this disease, most commonly known as SCID, is a primary immune deficiency. In normal people terms, this means if you have SCID, you’re basically allergic to everything and the slightest contact with the outside world could result in death. Our main character in Everything, Everything, 18-year-old Maddie, has SCID. She hasn’t left her house since she was a baby and is being treated full-time by her nurse Carla and her mother who is a doctor. Her days are exactly the same: wake-up, take vitals, eat breakfast, take vitals, read, take vitals, read more, take vitals, eat dinner, take vitals… you get the point. Maddie’s life is changeless, until a new family moves in next door. A new family containing a boy who just happens to be swoon worthy. With super ninja-like techniques (looking through the window), Maddie learns cute boy’s name is Olly, he only wears black, and he’s obsessed with all things climbing and tumbling. Since Maddie doesn’t have any contact with the outside world and is sick of being lonely, she decides she’s going to find a way to get to know this boy… without leaving her house. After watching (stalking?) Olly for days, Maddie finally gets a message from Olly: his e-mail address written on his window. After lots of messaging two things are clear: Olly likes Maddie and Maddie likes Olly. But with Maddie homebound for the rest of her life, can they ever really be together?

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Rebel Belle Review

Harper Price is the perfect Southern belle… She’s the President of her school, organizes all charity events, Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.20.33 PMand is soon to be the Homecoming Queen. Her pristine world gets flipped upside down during the supposed best day of her life: the day of the homecoming dance. During Harper’s emergency bathroom trip (an emergency of the lip gloss application sorts), Harper encounters the school janitor, Mr. Hall, DYING. FROM A STAB WOUND. WHAT?! It get’s even weirder when he kisses/breathes into Harper and then collapses to his death. All of a sudden her history teacher barges in with his intention being to kill Harper with a medieval sword. (Yes, this definitely escalated quickly). In the face of death Harper basically becomes a ninja and has super strength and kicks butt!! After the crazy bathroom run in she goes home and researches this stuff. Turns out she’s a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with super strength, speed, and amazing fighting skills. But, being a Paladin means she now has a new job, to protect whoever Mr. Hall died for and Dr. DuPont was trying to kill. Things get even crazier when she learns who she is charged to protect… David Stark. The David Stark who she has despised since kindergarten. The David Stark who is the only person standing in her way from being valedictorian. The David Stark who constantly writes hateful articles about her in the school paper. Basically Harper has to live to protect her least favorite person ever. Everything becomes even MORE complicated when Harper and David realize he can potentially destroy Earth…

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You Review

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.43.24 PMBoy meets girl. Girl likes boy. Boy is a crazy stalker. This is the premise of You, an adult psychological thriller by Caroline Kepnes.

When Guinevere Beck (Beck for short) walks into the bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, Joe is immediately immersed in the world of Beck. After having a short conversation, Joe realizes he’s in love and needs more of her in any way he can. Finding Beck online is fairly easy (how many Guinevere Becks are there in NYC anyways?), her Twitter and Facebook are public and Google provides easy information, including Beck’s address. Joe watches and watches until he “coincidentally” runs into a very intoxicated Beck, starts up a conversation, and gets her phone number. Soon, Joe and Beck are talking, then hanging out, then more? Joe won’t let go of his stalkerish ways and Beck may have a few issues of her own… Read more

The Heir Review

After a month long hiatus (I’m sorry!!) I am back and ready for many new posts. This summer has been amazing for reading, lots of time for lounging around with a great book and great friends. I started and finished the Selection series in June and I loved it so much I drove to Target right away to pick up The Heir, the first book in Kiera Cass’s spin-off duology of the Selection books.

Important note: if you have not read The Selection and want to, then don’t read this post! The Heir’s premise spoils the rest of the series. Go out and read The Selection first:)Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.04.00 PM

I read The Heir in a way I’ve never read a book before. I read it aloud with my best friend Ellie
(peanutbutterandle), switching off reading every other chapter. It was super fun to be able to react to different scenes and dialogue at the exact same time! And Ellie read in hilarious voices that constantly had me cracking up. The only downside was my throat killed after finishing the book haha. Read more

What I’ve Read In June (So Far…)

June has been a fantastic reading month for me so far, mostly because it’s summer, which means lots of time to read! I was thinking about doing a full June wrap up post, but that would be SO long, so here we are today with what I’ve read so far. Because I’ve read a good amount of books, I will not have a synopsis on the books, but if you click on the titles it will take you to its GoodReads page where you can read the full synopsis. 🙂

1. The Distance Between Us by Kassie WestScreen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.21.29 PM

The Distance Between Us is a fun and quick YA contemporary. After reading a heavy sci-fi book, The Distance Between Us was a great choice that I got through in 2 days. I really want to check out more of Kassie West’s books after reading this one! I gave The Distance Between Us 4/5 stars. (That might be a little bit generous). Read more

Finding Audrey Review

Finding Audrey is the first Sophie Kinsella book that I’ve read and is also her first young-adult novel. Finding Audrey was released just yesterday and I basically read it in one sitting!Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.06.00 PM

Finding Audrey is about Audrey, a 14 year old girl who, after a traumatic event, has social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.), generalized anxiety disorder (G.A.D.), and depression. Audrey doesn’t go to school anymore and only leaves her house to visit her therapist Dr. Sarah. Even when Audrey is at home, she wears dark sunglasses so she doesn’t have to make eye contact. When Aud’s gaming obsessed brother Frank brings his friend Linus over, Audrey immediately freaks out. Linus is interested in Audrey, not for her illness, but for her. With the help of Linus, Dr. Sarah, and her family, Audrey finds herself slowly overcoming her anxiety, step-by-step.

As soon as I heard what this book was about, I was drawn to it because of the topic. Initially I was worried that her anxiety and depression would be romantisized and seem “fun” like how many books, movies, and celebrities have portrayed it, but Kinsella didn’t let me down, her descriptions of the anxiety was extremely accurate and realistic. I feel like this book would be really helpful for friends and family of people going through issues like Audrey’s and also very helpful for people with more extreme or mild anxiety.

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Saint Anything Review

As some of you may know, a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Sarah Dessen at a Saint Anything signing! After finally getting out of a 2 month long reading slump, I’ve been reading like crazy and just finished Saint Anything.

Saint Anything is Sarah Dessen’s newest young adult contemporary, revolving around Sydney, a junior in Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 5.58.18 PMhigh school. Sydney has also felt invisible because of her older brother Peyton. Peyton was always a troublemaker, but as he and Sydney got older, his choices got worse and worse. After a night out drinking with friends, Peyton was driving home and hit and paralyzed a young boy. Because of the accident, Peyton get’s sent to jail, which causes Sydney to switch from the luxurious Perkins Day, to the much more conservative Jackson High. At her new school Sydney meets Layla and her crazy group of friends, including her brother Mac. Layla immediately takes her in and Sydney feels like she is finally being seen, and not as the girl who’s brother is in prison, but the real Sydney.

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Top 5 Wednesday: My Favorite Books of the Year So Far

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing my first T5W! Top 5 Wednesday was started by gingerreadslainey on Youtube. Today’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is your favorite books of the year so far. I’m not going to be giving any synopses of these books because this post would be WAY too long if I did, but if you are interested in knowing the storylines, you can click on the titles and it will take you to the GoodReads page:) Here are my favorite books of the year so far:


1. The Martian by Andy WeirScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.21.36 PM

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you since my latest post was basically me just talking about how awesome this book is, but yes The Martian by Andy Weir is my absolute favorite book of the year so far. Everything about this book down to the teeny tiny details was incredible and I can’t recommend it enough! Here’s a link to my review if you are interested in learning more.


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The Martian Review

The Martian is science-fiction writer Andy Weir’s debut novel. The novel starts out with astronaut Mark Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.21.36 PMWatney accidently being left on Mars after an emergency evacuation of his crew Ares 3. You’re probably thinking how could someone ever be “accidently” left on Mars? Well, there was a hugeee dust storm on sol 6 (sols are basically Mars days) and the crew had to leave their shelter to walk to the MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle) to end their mission early, so they can all get back to Earth safely. On the crew’s way to the MAV, Mark got struck by a flying object and was thrown so far that the crew for sure knew he was dead. Fortunately, Mark survived the freak accident but unfortunately, he’s stuck on Mars… alone… with limited supplies… and absolutely no one knows. Read more

Second Chance Summer Review

I finished Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson about half an hour ago, and in that time I have cried to both my mom and dad about it and called my best friend Victoria telling her she must borrow this book and read it immediately.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.11.33 PM

Second Chance Summer is about a 17 year old girl named Taylor Edwards. Her whole life, Taylor has been running away (literally) from her problems instead of facing them, but when her and her family learn that her dad is battling a life threatening illness, Taylor can’t run away anymore. Because of the circumstances, the Edwards family decides to spend the upcoming summer together at their cottage in the Poconos. Most kids would be excited to go up to a cottage for the summer, but not Taylor. Having to go up to her family’s cottage means that Taylor has to confront the life she suddenly left behind five years prior, including her former best friend Lucy and first “boyfriend” Henry. When she arrives at her cottage she learns her past friends definitely have not forgotten her or her mistakes. And as her father is getting sicker, Taylor must try to patch up her relationships before time runs out.

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Meeting Sarah Dessen

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting NYT bestselling, young adult author Sarah Dessen! I was so extremely excited to meet her and am anticipating reading her new book Saint Anything. I’ve read Along for the Ride and I absolutely LOVE and reccomend it.

Meeting Sarah was so much fun, she was incredibly sweet and even told me she would check out my blog! Here are some pictures of our meeting:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.50.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.50.16 PM

What are your favorite Sarah Dessen books? Have you read her new book Saint Anything? Look out for a new review soon!

Happy reading,

Special shoutout to my mom who waited an hour in line until I finished my tennis practice!! Ha ha:)

Favorite Book Quotes

I am an absolute quote lover. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed picking out my favorite quotes from books I have read. Reading A Game of Thrones, I’ve noticed a couple amazing quotes, so I decided to make a post today to tell you all about my favorite book quotes.

1. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing book with amazing quotes, but this one stands out the most to me. I absolutely love the message of this quote which is that you if you truly love yourself then you will recieve love back.

2. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Of course the Harry Potter series is filled with genuis quotes but this one from the first book is one of my all time favorites. This is one of those quotes that just sticks in your mind! Read more

Library Haul 4.21.14

Hello everyone! I am back and with a library haul. I am definitely guilty of buying too many books and not checking out enough books from the library. So, today I went to the library, got carried away and ended up checking out 5 books.

1. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophia Kinsella

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.44.20 PMI have been dying to read a Sophie Kinsella book from all the great things I’ve heard about her writing. I actually own I’ve Got Your Number but I haven’t picked it up yet. One of my favorite booktubers Lindsey Rey (who you should all check out) recommends reading The Undomestic Goddess first, so I can’t wait to read it! The Undomestic Goddess is about Samantha Sweeting, who is a workaholic attorney. After totally screwing up her job, she gets on a train in a panic and ends up in the middle of nowhere. When Samantha asks for directions at beautiful house, the owner’s mistake her for a maid that’s about to have an interview. All of a sudden, Samantha finds herself being hired as a housekeeper when she has no idea how to even turn on an oven. Overall, this book sounds hilarious and I can’t wait to read about Samantha’s journey. Read more

Book Haul 4/14/15

I have a book buying problem… isn’t it obvious? I just can’t help myself when I walk into a bookstore and look through all the books. I swear the books are begging and begging me to buy them!! For example, today I went to Kroger’s with my mom and I walked out with 3 books. In today’s post, I will be sharing these new books with you:)

1. What I Thought was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.47.26 PMA few months ago, I read a book by Huntley called My Life Next Door and I absolutely adored it! So when I saw this at the store, I couldn’t resist. What I Thought was True is about a girl named Gwen, who works her summers on a small island called Seashell Island (such a cute name). Then she discovers Cassidy, who is the biggest mistake in her life, is also working on the island that summer… so basically she freaks out and tries to avoid him. Since this is a YA contemporary book, I’m expecting a cutesy summer read, but also some deeper content in this book. I can’t wait to tell you all what I think!

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Mosquitoland Review

Mosquitoland by David Arnold is a road trip young adult novel about a 16 year old girl named Mary Iris Malone, also known as Mim. Mim lives in Mississippi, aka Mosquitoland, with her father and stepmother Kathy (who she is not fond of… at all).  After being called down to the principal’s office, Mim overhears her Kathy talking to the principal about her mother, who is apparently extremely sick. After hearing about her mother’s illness, Mim immediately leaves school, grabs Kathy’s stash of money and gets on a Greyhound bus headed to Cleveland. On Mim’s journey she encounters people of all sorts: an old lady, a creepy man in a poncho, a man named Ahab (who is not from Moby Dick), the Carlest of all Carls and many, many more.

From the moment I picked up this book I was absolutely obsessed with Mim. She is hilarious and has the Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.28.28 PMbest sense of humor EVER! Mim is so amazingly honest and open with everyone she meets, which means I was basically smiling and laughing the whole time while reading Mosquitoland. This book is not only hilarious, but it also has a great message about family and being there for those you love. Mim’s love for her mother is inspiring and thought provoking. Also, Mim’s war paint is awesome.

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Stolen Review

Today I finished Stolen by Lucy Christopher. This is a young-adult, action-packed thriller about a 16 year old girl named Gemma who is drugged and stolen from the Bangkok airport and taken to the barren Australian Sandy Desert by a 24 year old man named Ty. Stolen is written from Gemma as a letter to Ty, making the reader feel as if they were the ones who kidnapped her.

This book drew me in from the first page and I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. StolenScreen Shot 2015-04-05 at 7.36.31 PM was absolutely terrifying! Lucy’s writing made me feel like I was really trapped in the Sandy Desert, which is basically just hundreds of miles of nothing, by the way. I loved her writing style, it was almost poetic. Ty’s different stories and views of the desert were written beautifully and made a huge impact on the story. You can tell that Lucy definitely did her research on the Sandy Desert and after reading Stolen, I can tell you a lot about random plants and animals you can find there (spinifex).

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Spring Break TBR

Spring break is finally here! After weeks and weeks of school, I finally have a whole. week. off. Which means lots and lots of time to read. I have already read one book so far and I’m in the middle of another! Soooo without further or do, here’s my spring break TBR:

1. Ready Player One (already finished)Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.39.20 PM

I have already finished this book and WOW. This book is incredible! If I lived in 2o44 I would so be a gunter and read Art3mis’s blog. Ernest Cline’s writing is heavenly and I will be the first in line to get his next book.

2. Stolen

I’m currently reading Stolen by Lucy Christopher and loving it. Lucy’s writing makes you feel like you are Gemma and have been kidnapped and taken to an Australian desert. This book is absolutely terrifying, but soooo addicting. I’m hoping to finish this book today or tomorrow!

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I’ll Give You the Sun Review

I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson is a contemporary YA book about a pair of twins, Noah and Jude. Noah and Jude have always been super close but multiple life changing events and lies have torn them apart. The book is written in a dual-perspective, changing every other chapter. Noah’s story is told when he is 13 and Jude’s when she is 16. At 13, Noah is artistic and in love with his new neighbor, Brian, and Jude is wearing red lipstick and high heels. Read more

Book Haul 3/13/15

My recent book purchases:

1. Rebel Belle (In paperback!!)

I’ve been waiting to read Rebel Belle forever! First of all, the cover is absolutely adorable. I want to display it on my bookshelf forever and ever. But not only does it have a gorgeous cover, book bloggers have been raving about it ever since its release in April last year. From what I’ve heard, Rebel Belle is funny, sweet, and actionpacked. Rebel Belle definitely doesn’t seem like the typical chick book.

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