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Rebel Belle Review

Harper Price is the perfect Southern belle… She’s the President of her school, organizes all charity events, Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.20.33 PMand is soon to be the Homecoming Queen. Her pristine world gets flipped upside down during the supposed best day of her life: the day of the homecoming dance. During Harper’s emergency bathroom trip (an emergency of the lip gloss application sorts), Harper encounters the school janitor, Mr. Hall, DYING. FROM A STAB WOUND. WHAT?! It get’s even weirder when he kisses/breathes into Harper and then collapses to his death. All of a sudden her history teacher barges in with his intention being to kill Harper with a medieval sword. (Yes, this definitely escalated quickly). In the face of death Harper basically becomes a ninja and has super strength and kicks butt!! After the crazy bathroom run in she goes home and researches this stuff. Turns out she’s a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with super strength, speed, and amazing fighting skills. But, being a Paladin means she now has a new job, to protect whoever Mr. Hall died for and Dr. DuPont was trying to kill. Things get even crazier when she learns who she is charged to protect… David Stark. The David Stark who she has despised since kindergarten. The David Stark who is the only person standing in her way from being valedictorian. The David Stark who constantly writes hateful articles about her in the school paper. Basically Harper has to live to protect her least favorite person ever. Everything becomes even MORE complicated when Harper and David realize he can potentially destroy Earth…

As you can tell by my synopsis, Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins is definitely CRAZY, but also awesome. Rebel Belle has all of my favorite components: a kickbutt protagonist, hilarious banter, and a potentially deadly outcome. I adored this book, so let’s get into my thoughts!

First of all, the characters are great. Harper Price is an awesome protagonist; she’s funny, smart, and strong. Her relationships with her family and her friends are like none other. Harper knows her priorities, but never puts aside her relationships. As for her enemy/new ally David, I have many feelings for him. Hawkins made me absolutely hate David when he’s mean to Harper, but then he’s helpful and I’m like awww he’s adorable, but then he does something stupid and I think he’s an idiot. That said, I think David is an awesome character who can always make me laugh (or cringe).

One of my favorite things in literature is character development, so if the book I’m reading doesn’t have good character development, chances are I’m not a huge fan. Rebel Belle’s character development was AMAZING and just thinking about it makes me happy. Harper starts out as this perfect, popular girl and then gradually turns into a super strong hero! Harper and David have hated each other for YEARS and have to learn how to make this new situation work, if it doesn’t things could turn deadly. As you can tell, there’s going to be some major character development.

Is there a romance in this book you ask? Yes. Is it the main focus? Not at all. The reason why I’m mentioning the romance aspect of the book is because I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I loved the romance a ton because it did not take away at all from the main storyline. We get sooo much romance in the young adult genre and it always takes center stage which drives me absolutely crazy. Rebel Belle’s romance was sweet, light, and took a well needed backseat. I mean who has time to be going on dates when the fate of the world is in your hands?Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.24.16 PM

Rebel Belle is super original and unexpected, yet another thing I adored about this book. It combines Southern belles with magical powers and cotillion with ancient history. Rebel Belle is unlike any book I’ve ever heard of. Fantasy is my favorite genre in general, but with all the girly stuff this book is a dream come true.

Rebel Belle is the first Rachel Hawkins book I’ve read and I was not let down by her writing style. Hawkins wrote in first person, which I love because you get to hear all Harper’s hilarious thoughts and ideas. Her writing is effortless and fluid, with no awkward time jumps or slow points. This makes you FLY through this book. Seriously, you won’t be able to put this book down.

As you can tell by my lengthy review, I loved this book. And if you haven’t picked up this book yet, I would highly recommend it. Now I’m going to stop rambling and pick up the sequel Miss Mayhem!

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