Second Chance Summer Review

I finished Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson about half an hour ago, and in that time I have cried to both my mom and dad about it and called my best friend Victoria telling her she must borrow this book and read it immediately.
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Second Chance Summer is about a 17 year old girl named Taylor Edwards. Her whole life, Taylor has been running away (literally) from her problems instead of facing them, but when her and her family learn that her dad is battling a life threatening illness, Taylor can’t run away anymore. Because of the circumstances, the Edwards family decides to spend the upcoming summer together at their cottage in the Poconos. Most kids would be excited to go up to a cottage for the summer, but not Taylor. Having to go up to her family’s cottage means that Taylor has to confront the life she suddenly left behind five years prior, including her former best friend Lucy and first “boyfriend” Henry. When she arrives at her cottage she learns her past friends definitely have not forgotten her or her mistakes. And as her father is getting sicker, Taylor must try to patch up her relationships before time runs out.

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Meeting Sarah Dessen

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting NYT bestselling, young adult author Sarah Dessen! I was so extremely excited to meet her and am anticipating reading her new book Saint Anything. I’ve read Along for the Ride and I absolutely LOVE and reccomend it.

Meeting Sarah was so much fun, she was incredibly sweet and even told me she would check out my blog! Here are some pictures of our meeting:

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What are your favorite Sarah Dessen books? Have you read her new book Saint Anything? Look out for a new review soon!

Happy reading,

Special shoutout to my mom who waited an hour in line until I finished my tennis practice!! Ha ha:)